July! Oh July!

03 July 2007

Sooo.. it's been a long while. heh! almost a month I think. I know, i know.. i said i'm gonna keep this blog updated from time to time. I lied. mwahaha!

before I start with the updates... I want to thank everyone who left comments and well wishes in this new venture i'm getting into. don't worry, i definitely want to get my bachelor's degree soon. maybe even online or night classes. but somehow in the back of my mind, i like the Bill Gates kind of background. heh!

July-- a month after I "abruptly" or maybe "shocked" everyone around me when I decided to pursue a computer shop than my studies. Here are quick summaries of what happened last June:

NOTE: this would be long so you better have enough time in your hands to read it!

6/18/2007 - the search is over! finally found the place to put up my computer shop.

6/20/2007 - went to Meralco and begudgingly PAID the debts of the previous electrical user. Yes, I will deduct it from rent. Also got Barangay Clearance for my shop.

6/22/2007 - went to Lipa for DTI application. IT Squad is unavailable.. Grrr!!! I and T, get it? Inkee-Tekla? heh! but we couldn't use it. I settled for "Redge _______ ________." still cool. cuz my name is on it. ^_*

6/25/2007 - fire extinguisher was finally delivered. Bought materials for the tables. hired some people to make 3 tables plus divider and a signboard. also bought linoleum for my place.. and carried this heavy roll up to the 2nd floor.. with my mom. good thing it's only 13 meters heavy. MOST exhausting day ever! Also went to Zoning Dept.

6/26/2007 - Finally got Mayor's Permit, after going back to Zoning, Fire, Health and ENRO dept. Thanks to bestfriend's sisters working over there! it was so much easier without old ladies terrorizing me. heh!

6/27/2007 - Went to Lipa with bestfriend, upon realizing that BIR won't give me a TIN without my original birth certificate and my DTI. So after 3 hours (thank goodness!) of waiting in NSO, I finally got my birth cert. Also bought some books for record-keeping, part of the requirements.

6/28/2007 - Bought paint and stuff for my tables. i have decided that the tables should be painted... guess what, PINK! Went back to BIR, finally got my TIN! and yea, they didn't asked for my original birth certificate. how funny is that!?? I'M PEACHY! paid BIR for sole proprietorship fee and OR booklets. Finally got all requirements ready for MERALCO. Paid deposit, will get my electricity in 2-5 days. Hopefully just two!

6/29/2007 - Mom and I bought curtains. Of course, it's PINK! Then realized there's no curtain holders on the place. heh! amazingly funny. Former owner pulled out their aircon from the shop the previous day. And they also took the aircon housing, you know... the railings! Cuz it's theirs. and I'm left with a big hole on my shop. Linoleum was setup, thanks to bestfriend Tekla and Sir Rey. Yes, we carried the big roll from our apartment (2nd flr) to another building towards the 3rd floor. whooo!!! i'm losing weight from the exertion.

6/30/2007 - Bought ready-made table and drawer for myself....plus aircon from SM. Later that afternoon, the pink tables were delivered. Met up with a welder for my aircon housing. He said he'll be back monday to install it. yeah right! Oh! finally got our electricity! thanks to another one contacts of bestfriend in MERALCO. heh! I swear that woman should run as governor. ^_^ Also learned that.. okay breathe.... the room beside MY rented place taps its electricity on mine! wow! how cruel is that? but nope, no one's renting that other place.. but that's just weird. immediately asked for the tap to be disconnected.

7/02/2007 - my personal table and drawer were delivered. I tried to move it around the place by myself.. leaving a LOT of holes in my brand new linoleum. didn't leave house cuz i waited for that welder to install my housing. he texted later that day that he couldn't come in, he'll be installing it TOMORROW.

Back to present.. Tuesday!

7/03/2007 - Hah! i got tired all over again from telling all those stuff. anyway.. so now i'm just waiting for my BIR documents, the delivery of my aircon, computers, and STILL waiting for that WELDER to install my housing. it's been two days.. and he's making all the lame excuses to not install it. Grr... he totally ruined my day! he keeps on saying he'll come in soon.. then after hours later of waiting for him, he'll make another excuse. I swear... PEOPLE, don't hire anyone named Arnold. he takes the downpayment... but doesn't have the professionalism to act out his promises. if you can read this Arnold, I hate you right now.

I guess my ranting ends with Arnold. that's it folks!