My Fave Month August!!!

07 August 2007

It's been almost a month since my computer shop - REDGE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS --opened up. And I'm really happy with the turn-out. Can you believe we're getting profits already? Yeah!!! not much but still... I was expecting that income wouldn't even be enough for the utilities. I'm really really positively GRATEFUL to everyone and anyone who helped out.. and supported me.

For the update... Let's see...

We had the Shop's Blessing last June 10, 2007-- also considered the Grand Opening although we opened Monday. It's been slow for days... and it got me worried. (Worried is too mild of a word actually to describe what i've felt.) That maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe my customers didn't like my service. Was I nice enough? was the internet connection fast? are they comfortable? was my location hidden from the public? and all the other anxiety questions. fortunately, it's been stable now.. although slow on weekdays... we now have regular customers (mga suki!) ... I know it's gonna be fine.

I TRY to wake up everyday Monday-Saturday at 6am. Eat breakfast, shower, cook meal for my lunch (baon), open up my shop before 7:30am, clean up the shop, and stay at work till 7pm. Go Home. Repeat cycle.

If it's Sunday, I can stay in bed til 9am. I open up at 10am till 4pm. But sometimes it really depends if there's any customers. I either have to open up earlier or stay later.

Shop Update Ends.

THE RAT -- WHAT ABOUT THE RAT BSTFRND??? Are you referring to the big rat running around in the dining area of Jollibee Batangas? ^_^

I'll try to update more often. Sorry!!!

To make it up to all of you... Here's an energizer. I got bored one night and decided to edit my old videos. Ha!

My birthday is coming up!!! double WOOT! ^_^

If you want to see pictures from Redge Computer Solutions - from deliveries to blessing - please visit Bstfrnd's Blog.

Thanks for reading!!!