The Long Overdue Update

19 October 2007

Hmm.. It's been really busy for me these past few days. But finally, with some spare time I thought about reviving this blog. XD apologies. heh! this post is 2 months overdue. ^_^

It's the month of October, marking the end of the semester for college students. But before sembreak, it's project completion time...woohoo! Stressful projects, thank goodness for technology... now everybody's typing & printing their school papers, researches, thesis, having their documentaries done, computer students are doing their program or websites and that means BIG PROFITS for Redge Computer! mwahahaha! thank you very much teachers and professors!!! I love you all! lol.

So basically everybody's harassed, and that includes me... finally finished with 3 video editing jobs and 7 websites woot! 3 of those sites i had to design within a 24 hour period. talk about rushing it. here are the products:

Aside from work, I've finally decided to join "blogging to profit." So for a short while, I'll be posting now and then to Bstfrnd's Blog. Please check out our first entry.. that up to now was still not approved yet. T_T

That's it for now, I'll be updating in a bit.