If Only

10 May 2008

I've found this old poem... I think I wrote it.. lol. But I can't remember what's my inspiration. The only reason I do believe it's mine is cuz it's in this blog's draft entries dating back from November of 2007. Haha!

Anyway, enjoy...

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Wish I could turn back time,
When I almost had you in my arms.
There'd be no more tears to be shed,
No more hearts that need to mend.

We would talk and laugh it out,
Like we've known each other for long.
Those were the memories i've always held on

How i wish i had been braver
To the things my heart sings to
But in my brain, my feelings wrestle.

So many questions running on my mind,
How i wish i had the answer
To the years of wonder--
To the what-ifs, that i'll never know.

How i wish it was easy to forget you.
I tried too hard, you should know.
Even until now, it's hard to let go.

If only i could turn back the time,
When i almost called you mine.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

I guess I wasn't really happy with the outcome after I wrote it that's why I kept it on the drafts.. but reading it almost 6 months later... I think it deserves some place in this blog. ^_^

If you want to use this piece--either in full or part--please let me know and give proper credit to the author. Better yet, link back to this blog.