Thoroughly Disheartened...

29 April 2008

After coming home from my long weekend in Manila, bestfriend Tekla eagerly informed me that I have a new task from blogsvertise last Sunday. So when I woke up today, I told myself that even if I don't have anything to say about the assigned topic, I have to finish that task. So from morning till afternoon, I researched the topic and tried to rack my brain looking for the right words to say... after 3 paragraphs and 240 words... I was ready to post!

Just as I was about to send the link for approval, I accidentally hit 'decline'.
F#%*1$!! Noooo!!! I tried to stop the browser by clicking accept, accept, accept....

No Task Found.

Nooooooooooo... Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

It was worth $10, after typing all those words!!! I'm so pissed at myself!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

~ o ~ o ~

Dear Blogsvertise,

I'm an idiot, please forgive me. Under no circumstances am I declining your tasks, especially your dollars, kindly send the task back to me.. and I promise not to screw up the simple task of clicking 'accept'.

Thank you.

Asking for your sympathy,

Summer Get-away: Santorini

24 April 2008

Are you looking for that cool, exotic place to spend the summer? How does Santorini, Greece sound? If you are familiar with the movie “The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants,” then you’ve probably seen the beautiful sceneries that were shot there. Well, the part when Alexis Bledel’s character travels to Greece that is!

Santorini is popular to the tourists for its ever-so blue beaches. They have the Red Beach with its surrounding red lava cliffs or if you are a sea-sport lover, you can windsurf or waterski in Kamari. This place has so much to offer aside from its fine beaches: you can visit archaeological sites, hang in bars and join in their active nightlife, revel in the endless fields of grapes and tour wineries, relax and dine in the restaurants, or visit the star of the island….their volcano. Fira, the capital of the island, have notable houses built on the edge of the cliff and offers astonishing panoramic view.

What more, Santorini is considered to be the best place in the world to watch the sunset. So the next time you want to pack up and unwind, you might want to include Santorini in your tour… I know I will.

Getting low and then some...

16 April 2008

Just when you think this blog is dead.... SURPRISE! I'm back...

I'll probably be updating on yesterday's EB on Tekla's Litaniya.. so you might want to take a peek in there... sometime this week. :p

Here to share some videos of someone I know. Some of you might recognize her too...^_^ She loves dancing, eventhough she never had any formal lesson. That simple fact never stopped her from craving people's attention. Hahahaha!

Presenting: Alaine's Mommy...

Get Low:

Freestylin' to Usher's song:

Posted just for fun... :p