01 May 2008

I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and the things I failed to do.
I thought we were okay, but I never really had a clue.

I never took for granted all the things you do;
Maybe I just don’t show it as much as you want me to.

I don’t know how to act, or the right words to say….
I need you to help me… figure out what you want from me.

I’ve promised myself that I’ll never hurt you, but time and again, that’s all I ever do.
Forgive me, is all you ever hear
You might even be sick of it, but no other words could convey
This sharp pain I’m feeling, each time we’re fighting.

I thought I could be selfless, I thought I’m starting to care,
But each dagger you push through me, is another barricade for me to build.

Tell me how I should feel when all my resolve is gone,
How do I make it okay, when I’m breaking inside
Show me how to be strong, when your words are pulling us apart
Teach me how to be the person you could love; help me make it right.

Please pull me out from this misery, or forever let me be.
For I cannot take another heartache, I can no longer play the charade.

If you want to use this piece--either in full or part--please let me know and give proper credit to the author. Better yet, link back to this blog.


tekla said...

nakz naman ang lalim hindi ko tuloy ma-DIG hehehe.

ang ganda naman... nakakatouch!