A Heart-Scare & a Wedding

29 September 2008

It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. I got lazy, so now I'm updating you guys from my journal entries yet again. hehe!

Sep 22

so if anyone remembers that I had ECG last week, and well.. the ER attending doctor said that the result was normal. but yesterday I came back to the hospital to get the official result, and the reading says there's some irregularities. and now i'm scared for my life. I have to get another doctor to check it. Gahh!!! damn doctor for saying it was just a muscle pain.

Sep 24

...yesterday, i skipped work for an entire day.. cuz i went from one doctor to another. total of 3 doctors consulted! heheh. but well, i'm okay. i wasn't happy with the 2nd opinion, so i went for a 3rd opinion! hahaha. The fluctuations recorded (3rd doctor said) is normal for my age group. I'm normal, umm.. physically.. tongue.gif sooo..yay! they just gave me more pain killers. :p

Sep 27

Just got back from my college buddy's wedding.. kinda exhausting. you know, just sitting in a corner and listening to people's speeches. hahaha. Now i'm back at work. oh, yeahh.. the bouquet kinda.. sorta.. unfortunately, found its way to my hands. i wasn't really planning on catching it. But I guess the MC knew that none of the girls want to catch it so instead they had this game of passing this one flower to all the single girls. just passing it over till the music stops.. and i was about to pass it on, but the girl next to me won't take it.. and then, the music stopped. stupid girl. lol. the bridesmaids were also scaring me that i'm next in line. but no, i don't think i'm gonna get married soon. i love my single status WAAAY too much. :p

I have lots of photos (see slideshow below)... you can comment if you want, you know just how much i crave attention. XD



tekla said...

uyyyyy ang sweet ng partner mo nyahaha

Inkee said...

@ tekla:

sino dun? andami nila. hahahahah!

autumn said...

bakit naman emo yun label mo? hehe. huwala lang. ngengealam daw ako. hehehe. uy, ang nice nh gown. ^^

Inkee said...

@ ate autumn:

kase emo ako nung sumasakit ang aking dibdib.. feeling ko mamamatay na. ndi naman pala. hehehe. xempre emo din sa kasal, pinigilan lang ang luha. para wag kumayat ang mascara. bweheheh! sayang naman. :p

Nona said...

dang! couldn't see the slideshow...excited pa naman ako makita ka haha. balik ako later, nasa office pa kasi ako.
Good to hear na okay ang result ng medical check up mo.
Sensiya na,bihirang maglibot...ako rin super tamad na with blogging. Haba comment ko...

cielo said...

kaganda naman ng sistah ko...susunod na ba hehhehe...emo sa kasal kasi naiwanan na hehehe joke joke joke...

Inkee said...

@ ate nona:

waah, ayaw ko na nga po bumalik sa doctor.. nauubos lang pera kakapa-check up. alaxan lang pala katapat. hehe. pinalitan ko na po slideshow kasi nag-eerror lagi ung dati.

@ ate cielo:

salamat po sa pagbisita! naku, matagal pa po ako. :p i want to live life to the fullest while i'm still young and single. nyahahaha!na-emo lang po ako kasi narealize ko lang na matanda na pala ako. hahaha!

autumn said...

ganda talaga nun gown. swear. pati ikaw. naks. weee. ^^

Inkee said...

@ ate autumn:

nakks naman, tama na po. lumalaki lalo ulo ko..baka di na magkasya palabas ng pinto. hahaha. salamat po ulit! huwaw, may profile pic na xa. hehe.

ann said...

Buti naman at ok naman pala results ng ECG mo, minsan hormonal imbalance lang daw yan. Pero mas ok pa rin talaga na magpa 2nd opinion lagi.