MYMP: Batangas Mall Tour

26 October 2008

October 25, Saturday - Tekla and I were planning on attending MYMP's mall tour here in SM Batangas. Well, the poster said it would start at 4:00pm, but I wasn't able to leave work till 5pm, so we both thought we won't make it. So we left our cameras, and just thought we'll take a stroll in the mall. We arrived at the Event Center, and the saleslady selling the CDs said it hasn't started yet. So yay! (Inner thought: 'Boohoo, I left my camera.' We only have phone cameras but the quality is not as great.) We bought their new CD titled "MYMP Now" with a free poster for only Php 280. Sulit na sulit! (though I know i can just download it online. hehe.) But we have to buy one so we can get in and get their autographs later after the show.

The show finally started at around 6:30pm.

Waiting to get an autograph...
(bad-trip kasi may chuchu na inapakan paa ko. huhu!)

Tekla's excited to get her poster autographed

Excuse the blurry image. Kinakabahan si Tekla eh, na-starstruck!
(yung chuchu na nakablack sa likod ung umapak sakin. ang chaket!)

Tekla and her idols. nyahahah!

My autographed CD

For those interested, their album consists of: original single "Now", and revivals like "Make It Easy", "When She Cries", "Set You Free", "Cherish" my favorite: "Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow" and more... kaya bili na!!!!

Brain Dead. Please Leave A Message. Beep!

24 October 2008

I'm back!!! Well not really. Just here for an update. I've missed everyone! Anyways, my server crashed a few days ago... I had 3 programming projects, some video editing, sound remixing, tons of graphic design projects, and last night, a website project. Oh, oh.. add up that my workstations got infected by a nasty virus, and my printer won't cooperate either. Yeah, that basically sums up what's going on here in my workplace for these past two weeks. *faints*

Sooo tired.. and I really need my sleep. I feel like a zombie these days.

Please forgive me if I haven't been able to hop on your blogs, I will make up for my absence...and will catch up with every single one of you soon!

For now, gotta rest up my eyes...

My food for thought of the day: "Aanhin mo ang malaking kita, kung wala ka namang makita." Bwahahah!