25 November 2008

How could a word so simple,
Could hurt one so much?
The wonder of a little sigh,
Can convey all the emotions we have.

Though no words were spoken,
The air has become thicker.
No apologies are needed now,
For it's all in the open.

A little shrug, and a bit of my lip,
I chance to look at you,
Still you won't meet my gaze
Still we're both clouded in pain.

How I wish you'd yell at me one time,
Just get it out, spit it in my face
It's getting harder to read your eyes,
It's a bit scary not knowing what's inside your mind.

How much damage have I done?
Would I ever be forgiven, or could you take me as I am?
If only I could take back yesterday, erase the memories of pain.
truly not knowing, if we'll ever be okay.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

If you want to use this piece--either in full or part--please let me know and give proper credit to the author. Better yet, link back to this blog.


nahj12 said...

naman.. nageemote ka ata classmate? nice piece :)

dylan said...

ayan na.. nagiging aktibo na ulit si inkee hehehe.. dina magagalit si mam nyan present kana hehehe.. :D

Inkee said...

@ hannah:

salamat! dinaanan lang ng pagka-tampo-rurot. hahaha! nakagawa tuloy ng tula. ^_^

@ dylan:

oo, active na ako lagi... malapit na christmas party eh.. para may gift si teacher sakin..for being the model student of 2008. :p

jules said...

infairness! :D hehehe :D active active :D

Nona said...

uy emo??? hmmm...wa ko ma-say kundi....nice piece.