Freak The Vote

26 February 2009

heya! I'm gonna be annoying today, and ask you guys to view the Beat Freaks videos here:
Episode Gallery

It's my uber favorite dance crew.. the Beat Freaks... they're on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.. and I want them to win. If you like what you saw, then please vote for them! No matter where you are, you can still vote online... at Mtv's website: click here
and of course, choose: BEAT FREAKS

Voting polls is now open from Friday (11am, Feb. 27) and they are leaving the voting open till the finale (next week, March 5).. so we have ONE WEEK to keep voting.

If you want to know more info, just ask me. i'm recruiting members/voters everywhere. lol.

Also if you're already a fan, please join Beat Freaks Fans Community:

See ya there... ^_^

Ma, I Don't Sing

22 February 2009

Recently I've watched a dance rehearsal of Beat Freaks in YouTube, the choreo by chronique was pretty ehhm.. being my usual self, I have to try if I can do it too. XD

Beat Freaks Freak

17 February 2009

A couple of days ago I learned that the Beat Freaks are one of the contestants in Mtv's America's Best Dance Crew (aka ABDC), Season 3. Beat Freaks consists of 8 females with killer dance moves. For those who is not aware, I've been a huge youtube stalker of two of their members: Rino and Maryss from Paris. I'm jealous of their energy and swagger. XD If you're curious, just search their name in Youtube and prepare for some jaw-dropping moves.

Watch my posted video below to see for yourself:

They're now on their 6th week, with 5 crews remaining...and I'm hoping they'll win this season and get the title. We need as much support from everyone as we can get. Please visit & watch America's Best Dance Crew every Thursday at 10pm/7pm on MTV. (AN: I don't know the showtime here in the Phils. cuz I watch them online.)

I also created an Unofficial fan page in Friendster - Beat Freak Freaks. If you're a fan, join me and show your love & support to the Beat Freaks!

Let's help The Beat Freaks win ABDC Season 3! Freak the VOTE!


The Lease, part 3!

11 February 2009


GOOD NEWS!!! We found a perfect new space for my shop! woot! it's just that I'm gonna spend a lot of money again for improvements: getting doors, walls, grills, windows, toilet, etc. done before moving. It's near where I'm currently renting, and location is so much better since it's on the ground floor (compared to my current space: 3rd flr).. soooo, improvements might be done on March, then we'll move there April. hopefully! I'm gonna sign the new contract this coming Sunday. It's a HUGE relief since it means I'm still gonna be close to my current customers. Weee!!! There's 2 other businesses willing to rent the space (one is a computer shop, the other is a restaurant), but thanks to Tekla she was able to get to the owner first. Heh. Chalamat ng madami, bstfrnd!!!!!

...and...earlier this morning, I've also talked to Mr. P*t@ng*toot*, just clarifying that I'm gonna use my remaining advance and deposit until April, then we're moving out. Hurrah!

before I forget, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!!! <3