Freak The Vote

26 February 2009

heya! I'm gonna be annoying today, and ask you guys to view the Beat Freaks videos here:
Episode Gallery

It's my uber favorite dance crew.. the Beat Freaks... they're on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.. and I want them to win. If you like what you saw, then please vote for them! No matter where you are, you can still vote online... at Mtv's website: click here
and of course, choose: BEAT FREAKS

Voting polls is now open from Friday (11am, Feb. 27) and they are leaving the voting open till the finale (next week, March 5).. so we have ONE WEEK to keep voting.

If you want to know more info, just ask me. i'm recruiting members/voters everywhere. lol.

Also if you're already a fan, please join Beat Freaks Fans Community:

See ya there... ^_^


Summer said...

I agree with you girl.
They are very good dancer..
I already saw them dancing,which is posted in your blog..right?!=)
Great post,keep on writing friend..
Have a nice day.;D

Nona said...

Napanood ko yung video sa youtube, and sinabi ko na sa mga friends and neieces ko na mahilig sa dance hehee, napabilib din sila. :) Goodluck sa beat freaks then!