Chasing the Glove

11 March 2009

CALLING ALL BEAT FREAKS SUPPORTERS and dancing enthusiasts!!

Beat Freaks Fans at Ning have started the FREAK THE DREAM petition. We need as many signatures as we can get to get the Beat Freaks on stage with the man himself, Mr. Michael Jackson. Word is he will be retiring soon and only has a few more performances left. Let's get these ladies on stage with him! We want the Beat Freaks to dance with MJ just as much as they do. Seeing as how they're such an inspiration to us, we're going to do everything within our powers to help them achieve this dream. Chasing the Glove is now in effect.

Sign the Petition: CHASING THE GLOVE

We at least want to get 100,000 signatures. PLEASE HELP US REACH THIS GOAL. Get your family, your friends, classmates, teammates, roommates, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to sign.

It only takes a minute to sign and it would mean the world to not only the ladies of the Beat Freaks, but to their loyal supporters as well.

It's fast, easy and FREE (you don't need to make any donations). just write your name, email and comment.. go back to main page, voila.. your name is there!

You can even sign it as anonymous if you want. But please don't sign more than once as it could potentially make this whole petition null and void.

Feel free to join us over on the fansite, Where you can hang out with other Beat Freaks supporters, you can view pics/videos as well as upload your own. You can even join us in the chat. There are plenty of cool things about this site, but the only way to find out the full extent is to join us over there. Don't worry, we don't bite.


Summer said...

Oh, how i wish Beat Freaks would have a dance show with their idol M.Jackson..;D
I can't wait for that.;D
Great post friend.Have a nice day.