24 November 2009

WOW. it took me this long to finally update this blog. but yeahhh.. i'm finally back. give me a woop wooop!

On my last update, I was helping The Beat Freaks get into stage with Michael Jackson. Two of my favorite members of the group, Maryss and Rino actually auditioned for MJ and they got the gig to work for him (as dancers) in his London concert. Unfortunately, as you all know... MJ passed away before the said concert. It was a sad day for everyone.. (or almost everyone). Even if you're not a dancer or a singer, it would be hard to say that the King of Pop never influenced you. That would be a complete lie. Don't even tell me you never tried doing the moonwalk or "the lean", or sang his songs. Much respect to the greatest dancer of all time, RIP Michael Jackson.

Moving on to lighter things... can you imagine.......I'VE FINALLY MET THE BEAT FREAKS!!!!!!!! chyeah!!!

Once upon a time, I was just another youtube viewer who happened to see a video of this girl... rippin' the dancefloor. Her name is Rino Nakasone, and I knew right away, that this is the sickest dancer I've ever seen. I've started watching more of her dance classes... and tried to learn her choreo. I have never taken a dance class my entire life, I've always been self-taught.. I see it on tv or internet, and I copy it. So for years, Rino's videos became my online dance classes. And then I came across this montage of Rino and Maryss, otherwise known as The Geminiz. The carnival video basically tells it all... and their story inspired me to go for my dream. That I should go out and get it. Instead of staying home, I should take a class... I should show my talent... I should pursue my passion.

It's sad but it's true if I say that I haven't really considered dancing as a profession. People need REAL jobs (that's been ingrained in my head) hence, I never took it seriously. It was just a pastime. But I've promised myself that one day.. I would visit LA and go to Debbie Reynolds Studio to take Rino and Maryss' class. But I've never thought it would come sooner.

Rino and Maryss are members of an all-girl dance crew BEAT FREAKS (if you haven't caught on). They joined America's Best Dance Crew, Season 3... and every week I was waiting for their performance (on youtube that is). If you haven't seen any of their performance, I think its about time you should. It would be hard to watch their routines and not become a fan instantly.

Then it was February, when the Beat Freaks Fans Ning community started. I was one of their early members. It became the Official Fansite of the ladies, since Beat Freaks themselves are members of the site. I've made lots of friends, most members are usually cool. Eventhough BF didn't win in the show, they have done so much more to their fans. Some have decided to meet up during the Monsters of HipHop Convention to be held at Orlando, Florida in July of 2009. And I, was one of them.

Although I didn't have enough money for the trip, I knew that I wanted this to make another dream come true. Its now or never. I so badly wanted to take the dance class, but the advanced classes (which i was sure Rino and Maryss would be teaching) was way out of my budget. So I just decided to go there as an observer, I'd still get to meet them anyway.

Later on, I've learned that Maryss won't be in Orlando... she'll be in France during that time. I was saddened, but well... she will be with her family so we gotta understand.

July 16, I left for my 23 hours flight to Orlando. There are no words to explain how much I was feeling at that time.

This is gonna take a while, so I suggest you grab a soda and popcorn.. sit back and relax..... hahaha!

For the love of the Freaks....
Just watching the Beat Freaks perform each challenge in ABDC, made me want to get up and join them. Beat Freaks really changed the way many people look at female dancers. As I've mentioned, I love to dance, but I never really considered doing it professionally...especially hiphop has been viewed as a male-dominated scene. But after I’ve watched so many Beat Freaks performances.. and them showing women empowerment…and spreading the message to “Freak the Dream,” that’s where I really got my encouragement to pursue dancing again. (I'm now taking dance classes.) That’s why I have a huge respect for the Beat Freaks.

When I learned that the Beat Freaks were gonna be at Monsters of Hip Hop for 2 days: giving classes, doing meet and greet, Q&A and the performance. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to meet them. I just wanted to see them. Maybe just take a picture and an autograph...and that’s it for me. Just to be in the same room as the Beat Freaks… is a dream come true for me. However dorky that sounds. But the Beat Freaks and my fellow ningers who went there gave me the best memories ever. Just remembering Orlando always brings a smile on my face. It made my year. The Beat Freaks are just so down to earth people and talk and treat you like you’ve been friends forever. Up to now, I still can’t get over it. I wasn’t able to go to DisneyWorld (boo, being poor. lol) but Hyatt Hotel was the happiest place on earth for me during that weekend. Call me cliche, i don't care. :p

Thank you sooo very much Rino, Keeley, Teresa, Lindsey, Shorty, Jules, LeeJ, and Gene of MOHH for making it happen!!! I love you Beat Freaks. You guys are amazing… More Power and Keep Freaking the Dream!

Although I didn’t get to meet Maryss,I’m hopeful that I will meet her soon and see the Beat Freaks again… when they visit the Philippines. If you can read this... please, please visit us!

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View the video I made of Orlando:

Chasing the Glove

11 March 2009

CALLING ALL BEAT FREAKS SUPPORTERS and dancing enthusiasts!!

Beat Freaks Fans at Ning have started the FREAK THE DREAM petition. We need as many signatures as we can get to get the Beat Freaks on stage with the man himself, Mr. Michael Jackson. Word is he will be retiring soon and only has a few more performances left. Let's get these ladies on stage with him! We want the Beat Freaks to dance with MJ just as much as they do. Seeing as how they're such an inspiration to us, we're going to do everything within our powers to help them achieve this dream. Chasing the Glove is now in effect.

Sign the Petition: CHASING THE GLOVE

We at least want to get 100,000 signatures. PLEASE HELP US REACH THIS GOAL. Get your family, your friends, classmates, teammates, roommates, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to sign.

It only takes a minute to sign and it would mean the world to not only the ladies of the Beat Freaks, but to their loyal supporters as well.

It's fast, easy and FREE (you don't need to make any donations). just write your name, email and comment.. go back to main page, voila.. your name is there!

You can even sign it as anonymous if you want. But please don't sign more than once as it could potentially make this whole petition null and void.

Feel free to join us over on the fansite, Where you can hang out with other Beat Freaks supporters, you can view pics/videos as well as upload your own. You can even join us in the chat. There are plenty of cool things about this site, but the only way to find out the full extent is to join us over there. Don't worry, we don't bite.

Freak The Vote

26 February 2009

heya! I'm gonna be annoying today, and ask you guys to view the Beat Freaks videos here:
Episode Gallery

It's my uber favorite dance crew.. the Beat Freaks... they're on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.. and I want them to win. If you like what you saw, then please vote for them! No matter where you are, you can still vote online... at Mtv's website: click here
and of course, choose: BEAT FREAKS

Voting polls is now open from Friday (11am, Feb. 27) and they are leaving the voting open till the finale (next week, March 5).. so we have ONE WEEK to keep voting.

If you want to know more info, just ask me. i'm recruiting members/voters everywhere. lol.

Also if you're already a fan, please join Beat Freaks Fans Community:

See ya there... ^_^